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Alex embodies a side of ourselves few of us dare to acknowledge. Born into a criminal life, he is the second in command of Redborough's most powerful criminal organization. A ruthless man, he will stop at nothing to retain his power.


Alex's given name is Weston Alexander, but boy, do you not want to call him that. Just stick with Alex.

He has been involved in crime since he was little. His father worked for Vance, but no one knows what happened to his mother. He has been the right hand man of Ivan Vance for many years, focusing solely on carrying out each and every order precisely and without question.

Alex is impulsive and tends to let his rage act for him. He is a sociopath who rarely feels emotions outside of anger, spite, and jealousy. He is the perfect assistant for Vance, who often uses Alex to torture his enemies to death. Alex enjoys this part of his job the most, because he's freaking psychotic.

Personal Life[]

When Emma, a low-level Vance employee used for infiltration and persuasion of their enemies, decides she is sick of being used for her body and wants better jobs, she attempts to seduce Alex. The ruse works, but a little too well, and with results that lead to the deaths of multiple characters.

Other than Emma, it is not known who else has been with Alex in a significant relationship. Maybe because no one has been. Or he killed them when they got in a fight. Who knows? Wouldn't be that surprising.

Grim Inception (A Grim Trilogy 0.5) A Grim Short Story Prequel (SPOILERS)[]

Alex makes his first appearance in the Grim universe when he approaches attorney Henry Haas at Juno Train Station. He takes Henry to the Redborough Police Department, instructing him to assist Grant Halpern with placing "dirt" on the city's two families, the Esposito and the Bianci, at the RPD to incriminate them. Alex wants said dirt placed before their meeting that night with the Dons of both families.

Alex ends up pissing off the Dons, which leads to a shootout. Stray bullets kill Julie, Cassie's sister, but Alex survives along with Henry, Syrus, Marcus, and a few family members. Alex is last seen in Inception ordering Henry to go home while he deals with the scene clean up.

Grim Ambition (A Grim Trilogy #1) (SPOILERS)[]

Coming soon.