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Attorney Henry Haas has nothing left to lose. Wealthy from blood money, he works for the most ruthless crime boss in Redborough, Oregon. But when innocent blood spills, Henry isn't the only one wanting revenge.


Not much is known about Henry's background, or how he started working for crime boss Ivan Vance. He is high in Vance's ranks, one of the kingpin's most trusted employees. Henry was offered a Big Head position - we don't know which - but turned it down to continue his work as a crooked lawyer.

Henry specializes in planting or removing key evidence and witnesses - depending on the case's needs - and ensuring the law turns a blind eye on Vance and his employees.

Personal Life[]

Henry was married to his husband Darren, who also worked for Vance. It is unknown how long they were together, but they met while in the crime boss' employ. When Darren was killed on a stakeout, Henry was gifted a great sum of money from Vance, which he regrets taking by the time Grim Inception begins. Darren's death is what lights the spark for Henry to turn on his boss, but it isn't until the events of Inception that the spark turns into a roaring flame.

During Grim Inception, we learn that Henry's friend Cassie and her sister Julie also work for Vance. Cassie asks Henry to keep an eye on Julie while her sister is performing at a lounge where an important meeting is taking place. When that meeting goes horribly wrong, Cassie and Henry quietly team up to help create the vigilante Grim. Cassie is directly involved, while Henry decides to stay on the sidelines and help by providing her and her friends Shawn and Jaxon with imperative information to begin to crumble Vance's empire.

Grim Inception (SPOILERS)[]

When Grim Inception begins, Darren has already been dead for a while. Henry is approached by Vance's right hand man, Weston Alexander - Alex - with an order to meet with their contact at the Redborough Police Department, Grant Halpern, for some last minute work.

Later that night, Henry meets Alex to attempt to placate two of the cities families that are giving Vance's business issues. This is the meeting Julie is at. It blows up in a violent ordeal, and the two families are wiped out, and Julie killed. Remembering his promise to Cassie that he'd protect her sister, Henry is consumed with guilt and anguish.

Stumbling outside, Henry runs into even more trouble, which only adds fuel to his desire to bring Vance down.

Grim Ambition (A Grim Trilogy #1)[]

I didn't write SPOILERS because this is coming soon.