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One of Lab 14's original scientists, Duncan is a kind and caring man. After the experiments on children at the laboratory began to unsettle him, Duncan found himself wanting an out. Sadly, this came in the form of the accident at Lab 14, which killed many staff and Synth children.


Instead of fleeing the accident at Lab 14, he gathers up as many Synth children he can find and rescues them from the horrors. He isn't able to save many, but does get away with Aaron, Mari, Naomi, Lucas, and Peter. Before he does, he lets Bruce take Shawn and Jaxon away to raise on his own. As Jaxon is Bruce's son by blood, Duncan feels this was the best move for the two boys. He hides away in the middle of nowhere in Colorado, training the Synths he was able to save and raising them as his own family.


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