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For some, tragic loss can define their lives. Bruce used all the tools given to him throughout his life to develop a deep caring and empathy for the ones he loved that would, unfortunately, forever change his world. He did his best to instill the same feelings in his own son, Jaxon, and his adoptive son Shawn, but life has a way of dragging the past back to haunt them.


Much is known about Bruce's past and how he came to adopt Shawn and Jaxon, but I'm not going to tell you it yet, because if I did, well, it would spoil a LOT of Grim Judgment. Sorry, but you're going to have to wait for more.

Personal Life[]

No, I'm serious. I'm not saying anything more. Click back and read about a different character!

Grim Ambition (A Grim Trilogy #1)[]

WHY are you still here? Okay, okay, I'll give you something. Sheesh.

In Grim Ambition, Bruce shows up to enjoy Thanksgiving Day with Jaxon, his son by blood, and Shawn, his adoptive son. The three of them have a laid back dinner, regardless of Jaxon's irritable mood and inability to make a simple damn drink. Bruce expresses concern at the fact that his sons live in a city with not only a high crime rate, but one with a crazed masked vigilante roaming the streets at night. Shawn and Jaxon tell him they're fine. The end. There. That's it. Are you happy you stuck around?

Grim Judgment (A Grim Trilogy #2)[]

Not telling. You can't make me.

Grim Vengeance (A Grim Trilogy #3)[]

Seriously, my lips are sealed. I could just be putting this here to make you THINK he survives this long!

Okay you're still reading. Fine. Click HERE for a huge spoiler!