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A Grim Trilogy is a dark, exciting thriller in which we meet a superhero who is teetering on the edge of becoming a villain. Readers follow not only his story, but the personal lives of the criminals that are attempting to take him down. Overshadowing it all is a menacing, complication that none of them are prepared to battle.

The Books[]

Grim Inception (A Grim Trilogy 0.5) A Grim Short Story Prequel[]

Witnesses the dawn of a new hero. Attorney Henry Haas thought he had nothing left to lose. Wealthy from blood money, he works for the most ruthless crime boss in Redborogh, Oregon. But when innocent blood spills, Henry isn't the only one wanting revenge.

Grim Inception is a short story prequel to Grim Ambition. Be here for the beginning of Grim's dark justice.

Grim Ambition (A Grim Trilogy #1)[]

Aspiring crime boss Emma McRae knows about superheroes. Used for her beauty and enticing demeanor, Emma has been entangled in the underground crime life since she was a little girl. No one has ever left the crime syndicate except in a body bag, and Emma is trapped in her current, low-level role. A calculated attack by the city’s superhero, Grim, throws Emma’s employer and his well-oiled business into chaos.

Eager to impress and finally move up to better jobs - and more respect - Emma doesn’t hesitate to accept the order to infiltrate the vigilante’s life. Her targets include Shawn Thorton and his adoptive brother, Jaxon Rettig. Legally blind from a young age, Shawn doesn’t seem like much of a threat, but harbors a secret: with the help of neurostimulating lenses, he is Grim, and has been targeting Vance’s syndicate with ruthless ambition.

Unaware of each other's cold-blooded goals, Shawn and Emma begin to fall for each other. She was born into the criminal life, but through Shawn, begins to question if she’s on the wrong side of the fight. Emma wants to expose Grim’s secret identity and claim his power before her employer decides she’s a liability and fits her for a fancy pair of cement Jimmy Choos. Jaxon, who wants a better role than “tech-savvy sidekick,” longs to take the fighting into his own hands. Shawn must choose between protecting his jealous brother and falling for the appealing Emma, who might be the arch nemesis that brings the superhero to his knees.

Grim Judgment[]

Not released yet.

Grim Vengeance[]

Not released yet.



Shawn Thorton

Emma McRae

Isaac Krause

Jaxon Rettig

Ivan Vance

Weston "Alex" Alexander

Bruce Rettig

Grant Halpern

Cassie Saetren

Marcus Halliday

Charlie Reed

Duncan Breckner

Aaron Ellwood

Mari Forrester

Henry Haas

Nate Birchwood

Lucas Cupla

Peter Cupla

June Berra-Rettig

Naomi Graham

Julie Saetren

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